How R U? - Airplane (Narr. by Lady Jane)

A really addicting song that will catch your attention the first time you listen to it. There is bound to be one part from the song that you will enjoy! 

He says, she says- Mando & Chigi ft Narae (SPICA)

A really addictive song with a very witty mv. To me the comedic mv does not really explain the story behind the lyrics. Be sure to check out the translation of this song because some lines are rather meaningful. 

Narae’s vocals do add flavour to this song. The short conversation in the song is really refreshing as well.

Do give this song a try.

Some- JunggiGo & Soyou

Both have awesome vocals that complement each other really well. This song will leave you feeling all sweet and bubbly. :)

There is no love- Gummy

One of YG’s very awesome vocalist and this song has impressed me a lot. Definitely worth listening to. :)

It’s you- Super Junior

You can’t say that you are an ELF if you have not fallen for this song~
From their Sorry Sorry album, this song is definitely one of my favourite style from SuJu. This is also the period when all 13 of them were still together. A peak period for them. 

Anyways, do check out this song if you haven’t!

I’ll back off so you can live better-

The debut song of and certainly everyone’s favourite. A great soloist that isn’t shining enough. Can’t wait for her comeback!

Be the light- Block B

I do not really listen to Block B’s songs but this one really catches my attention. Block B gave me the impression that they have a more hip hop feel but this song honestly awed me. The vocals were good and the raps fitted in really nicely. The chorus was really addicting as well. 

Do introduce more such songs from Block B if you are a fan!

Only you- VIXX


While everyone else is in love with their comeback song ‘Voodoo doll’, I’m actually more hooked with this. Though Voodoo doll actually gets more addicting as you listen to it so do give that a try as well. :D

Congrats to VIXX for their win! 

Same sky, Different time- Joo Hee of 8Eight

Very beautiful song from this drama ‘Queen Inhyun’s man’ If you haven’t watched this, be sure to watch the drama first. The song strikes hard when it starts playing at certain scenes. 

Day by Day- MYNAME (feat D.O)

MYNAME has always been releasing songs that I really enjoy. This one doesn’t disappoint either! This is more of a peaceful song that you’ll enjoy~

And no, that D.O is not who you are thinking.